Skillwise - Life the life you want.
Live the life you want.

Through training, new experiences and connecting with people, we play a role in people living the life they want. We focus on the individual and how they might connect to a wide range of possibilities and the community as a whole.

We facilitate options for people in training, the arts, volunteering, employment and recreation. And we encourage anyone with an intellectual disability between the age of 16-64 years to join in. We also encourage friends and whanau to participate in much of what we do.

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About SkillWise

Having a range of skills and access to the right opportunities gives people the power of personal choice, a sense of identity and the ability to form meaningful connections and create lasting relationships.

The Skillwise team, from group coordinators to community facilitators, have the training, community awareness and resilience to assist in creating meaningful outcomes for people. We want to be a force of positive change in our society, helping to create a more accepting and inclusive community for all.

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Personalised Support

Every person’s story is different. So we help craft a pathway to inclusion that is unique to the individual and is focused on people being part of the community.

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Everyone feels good when they have something productive to do, especially when it’s a paid job that they enjoy and can be proud of.

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Training & Education

Imagine the pride in completing training and education that can help you get a job, increase knowledge or gain new skills.

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Exploring creative activities that you enjoy is incredibly rewarding. We have amazing creative people at SkillWise, who are involved in The White Room Creative Space and Many Hats Theatre Company.

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We have many different ways to make a donation. Your support will assist us in creating more innovative options for the people we support. You can also donate to fundraising events via our Givealittle page.

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