Training & Education

Training and Adult Community Education

SkillWise is committed to supporting people in training and education to increase knowledge, gain new skills, increase community involvement or find employment. There are a number of ways in which we do this including connecting people with existing courses as well as a range of in-house options. This includes our Training and Adult Community Education programme which is supported with Adult Community Education funding.

Training and Adult Community Education is a personal development programme that provides a framework of activities designed to develop personal, social and work-related skills and promote independence and social inclusion. Towards Independence covers six key areas:

  1. Creative Studies - this includes modules such as Performing Arts, Pottery & Ceramics and Photography & Multimedia.
  2. Cultural - this includes modules such as Current Affairs, Popular Culture, The World Around Us and Environment.
  3. Independent Living Skills - this includes modules such as Meal Preparation, Money, Using Transport, and Working Towards Self Sufficiency.
  4. Leisure/Recreation/Sport - this includes modules such as Sports Studies, Water Skills and Animal Care.
  5. Personal Development/Citizenship - this includes modules such as Knowing About Myself, Coping with People, Relationships, Self Advocacy and Out in the Community.
  6. Work Related - this includes modules such as Vocational Training/Experience, Horticulture, Moving on From School, World of Work and Work Awareness.

Other training and education Organisations we work with:

  • Hagley Community College
  • Literacy Christchurch
  • Ara Polytechnic
  • Careerforce
  • Open Polytechnic