Employment Support

Employment Support

Every person’s story is different so we craft a pathway to employment that is unique to the individual.

We assist people to gain employment, utilising their skills and abilities, so they can live the life they want, their way.

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At Skillwise we:

  1. Work in partnership with employers to ensure positive and sustainable working relationships
  2. Commit to ensure the right person gets matched with the right job
  3. Tailor support packages to suit individual circumstances
  4. Assure quality service through building strong relationships
  5. Commit to the EEO principles and social responsibility.

Diversity in the work place has many benefits. Including:

  1. Ensuring a workforce with a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience
  2. An enriched working environment
  3. A commitment to valuing all people.

SkillWise Employment Support offers numerous benefits to both employers and employees:

  1. Recruitment with no service fees to the employer or employee
  2. Targeted assistance and support
  3. A service ensuring people have direct access to the open labour market
  4. A service built on an individualised, flexible and collaborative approach. The process is underpinned by robust and ongoing planning, ensuring positive employment outcomes.

Working with both employees and employers to build successful outcomes, The SkillWise Employment Support team are helping our clients to achieve their goal of paid work.

To find out more, call in to see us, or contact one of our Employment Support Coordinators.

We may have the person you are looking for!

This service is funded by the Ministry of Social Development.